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Make Sure You do This if You Are a Light Sleeper

Sleep has many benefits, and when a person does not have enough of it, he or she becomes dull and easily angered. There are people who do not struggle to find sleep at all, while others find it difficult to sleep. When a person finds it hard to sleep, there are some things they can do to improve their sleep pattern. They are:

Not taking drinks with caffeine after noon
Caffeine is responsible for slowing sleep and can keep you up a long time. If you have been taking drinks like coffee at night or late in the afternoon, probably you should stop. Rather, drink hot chocolate milk if you must take a beverage since it enhances good sleep.

Stop taking fluids before bedtime
Liquids make you feel the need to go to the bathroom frequently. This easily interrupts sleep and makes it difficult to get it back, particularly if you feel cold.

Cut out sugar before bedtime
If you take sugar, you usually get an energy boost and can stay active at night. It can make you stay busy late into the night and by the time you feel sleepy, you realize that there isn’t enough time to sleep. Avoid sweet desserts because some chocolate contains caffeine as well.

Cut out all noise
Noise is the primary sleep interrupter because it does not let a person to focus on getting their body to sleep. Switch off all electronics, shut your door and windows to keep off noise from outside, and use noise cancelling headphones if you have to. They are suitable for those who prefer to listen to soft music to soothe them to sleep.

Block out light
Light can cause you sleepless nights, especially if your room receives street light and car lights. if this is your challenge, buy blackout curtains or blinds for your room or wear eye masks. Total darkness in a room can increase your chances of sleeping significantly.

Keep your bedroom’s temperatures optimum
Avoid keeping your room cold or hot. When you feel too hot, you will toss and turn in discomfort and will not sleep well. When your room is cold, your feet will feel cold and it will take you long to warm or get sleep. Wear warm night gear when it is cold and keep your room cool during hot periods.

Not using their electronics while in bed
When you get to bed ready to sleep, keep away your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc. They make you feel the need to read or watch something or talk to someone. This will really waste your sleep hours.

Breathing deeply
Clear your mind and take deep breaths inwards and outwards when you get to bed. Concentrate on your breathing alone and count them from fifteen backward. A lot of people do not reach one.